b. 1986, HK.



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The St.James
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You can call me Gigi

After being born and raised in Lima, Peru for the first half of my life, I moved to the U.S. Unlike most middle schoolers, my evenings consisted of learning English.

I’m proud to say I haven’t lost my accent and yes, I do dream in both languages. Becoming accustomed to two cultures during my childhood has taught me to cope with change, develop new experiences, cultivate new visions, and see how ambiguous life is. With a love for exploring the world in dazzling new ways, I’m always open to different views and cultures.

I’m a visual learner with the need to grow and expand my knowledge of what surrounds us so that I can create ideas that inspire; ideas with no boundaries. I have my Associate's degree in Fine Arts, while currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Visual Communication Design. In hopes to use the aesthetics and beauty of design to make the world smile, to inspire others, spread positivity, and contribute to the process of helping others.